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Mathilde Monfreux - Wojtek Bajda - Vincent Laju. Photo ©George Greenlee     

 Vincent Laju 

Improviser & composer, multi-medium musician, Cello, Double bass, Shakuhachi and électroacoustique.

He studied and graduated in France.

His graphic and sound work series « Zeilen » is regularly performed and exhibited in France and in Germany.

With a focus on improvisation, he collaborates with artists from all discipline in France and in Berlin where he resides, he plays also with large ensembles such as Berlin Improvisers Orchestra and Grand8 (Marseille).

He has performed in festivals and concerts in Europe and Asia, and in centers for music creation.

Electroacoustic and raw organic materials (wood, horsehair, bamboo, objects), he's particularly interested in the morphological aspect of sounds, such as textures, patterns, lines, spaces, strokes and erasures, and movement. 





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