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Serie Zeilen




Elo Masing - violin

Vincent Laju - drawing, shakuhachi, cello

Series of drawings, graphic scores and writing forms.

In his research, Vincent Laju is particularly interested in the morphological aspect of sounds, such as patterns, lines, spaces, strokes and erasures.


The work with Elo Masing (violin) focuses on the links between sound and drawing, the different ways of "reading" a drawing, and how this influences the improvisation that follows.

This duo has played at Kimgo art space, Glogauair and Noïseberg in Berlin, Data (Marseille), Galerie des 26 chaises (Paris), among others.

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Série de dessins, partitions graphique et formes d’écritures.

Dans ses recherches, Vincent Laju s’intéresse tout particulièrement à l’aspect morphologique des sons, comme par exemple les motifs, lignes, espaces, traits et ratures.


Le travail avec Elo Masing (violon) porte sur les liens entre sons et dessin, les différentes façons de « lire » un dessin, et comment il influe sur l’improvisation qui suit.

Ce duo à joué entre autre à Kimgo art space, Glogauair and Noïseberg in Berlin, Data (Marseille), Galerie des 26 chaises (Paris).



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Elo Masing is a composer/free improviser of Estonian origin, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her music has been

performed internationally by renowned soloists and ensembles, such as Estonian National Symphony Orchestra (EE),

Ensemble L'Itinéraire (FR), Ensemble Adapter (DE), Ensemble Fractales (BE), Ensemble mmm... (Japan), Ian Pace (UK),

and many others. Her music has appeared on labels such has Squeaky Kate, squib-box, CRAM, Creative Sources, and 577

Records. In 2015, she was awarded a PhD from the Royal Academy of Music, London, where she explored the physicality

of instrumental performance in chamber music, and with support from the Academy, received private tuition from Rebecca

Saunders in Berlin.

With composer-improviser Dave Maric, she forms the free improvisation duo Vicious Circus whose debut album was

released to critical acclaim in 2014, followed in 2015 by an innovative release of the album « Hand Written Tweets » on 12

unique wax cylinders. She is also member of the Berlin-based composers’-improvisers’ ensemble Reanimation Orchestra,

as well as the London-based large-scale free improvisation group London Experimental Ensemble, renowned for making

the first complete recording of Cornelius Cardew « Treatise »

She works regularly with musicians on the Berlin scene, such as Jack Adler-McKean, Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson, Marie

Takahashi, Céline Voccia, Vincent Laju, Guilherme Rodrigues, and many others, as well as dancers, such as Meltem Nil,

Ingo Reulecke, and Mariangela Tinelli.

She also plays and arranges music in the experimental rock band Golden Dark.

Vincent Laju (fr) approaches the cello, the Shakuhachi and doublebass as a "sound body", with which he makes row materials.

He explores the palettes of nuances and timbres, from massive sounds to zones of almost inaudible, invisible, with a predilection for silence.

He extends his research with the use of electroacoustic elements and raw organic materials (wood, horsehair, bamboo, objects) and plays the Danso and Shakuhachi.

In this contemporary field, his approach is nourished by ancient musical traditions, popular songs, jazz, and liturgical music.


His drawings and graphic scores are the result of work on notions that touch on image and sound, such as space, movement, the infinitesimal.


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