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Elo Masing - violin

Vincent Laju - cello, graphics

After studying the “classical” way of writing music, Vincent Laju, concerned by contemporary music and after his research and study of experimental and electroacoustic music, sought other forms of notation that could apprehend the sound phenomenon: timbre, harmonics, dynamics, grain, allure, melodic profile, duration, reiteration, number of phases, continuous or discontinuous sound matter, type of acceleration, temporal unfolding, direction, movement, energy, (in reference to Pierre Schaeffer).

Particularly interested in morphological characteristics, movement and sound matter, he sought a personal graphic mode, in which 2 main reading levels can be found:

- the sound semantics of the graphic, giving a “literal” reading of the drawing.

- a sensitive reading of the graphic, through what the drawing evokes.


An element of randomness is present in the way the drawings are played and their order of appearance, with possible interaction with the audience.

An element of wandering allows him to get closer to what he's looking for in the end, questioning the relationship between what comes from a will, and the unforeseen.


By dint of working together, Elo Masing and Vincent Laju have developed a way of playing between proximity and distance with the drawing, between literalness and extrapolations, as lines weave and detach themselves.



This project has been performed and exhibited at Kimgo art space, Glogauair and Noïseberg in Berlin, Data (Marseille), Galerie des 26 chaises (Paris), and most recently at SCOPE BLN art space (Berlin).

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